Organising Your Nail Colours

Since moving into my own apartment about a year ago, I've developed the dangerous obsession with organising and storing things away from sight. I don't know if this is what you would call OCD, but even if it is, it's a beautiful obsession.

For the longest time, I had such a headache digging through my huge stash of nail polishes just to find the one that I was thinking of. But seeing this amazing nail polish organising tip on The Beauty Department, I decided that I needed to have a go at organising again! 

Things you'll need:
1) Your collection of nail colours
2) A pretty box - I just used one left over from the Chinese Mooncake Festival
3) White sticker labels
4) Hole Puncher
5) Top coat or Modge Podge - Anything that dries clear

How to:
1) Paint your white sticker labels with each color of nail polish. By using white labels, you will be able to see the true color of your nail polishes - I decided to reuse some that were lying around the house. Try and keep the bottles lined up in the same order as the stickers, so you don’t end up putting the wrong color on the wrong bottle!

2) Once the polishes have fully dried, use a hole puncher to punch out your circle colour swatches from the sticker labels.

3) Stick the colour swatch that you've punched out to the top of the bottle cap.

4) Cover it with a layer of top coat or Mod Podge to secure the circle sticker in place FOREVER.

5) Place the polishes into your box in any order you want. As you can see, I've chosen to go with the "whatever fits in" pattern.

Have fun organising!

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