Wearing floral print pants like a pro

Summer is in full swing and the sartorial streets are taken over by a vibrantly-coloured wave of floral pants!

Whilst holidaying in London 2 weeks back, I too came across the loveliest pair and succumbed under the power that is the "floral pants". With so many ways to carry off this trend, I have picked out the 3 key shapes that do justice to this lovely phenomenon.

Found the perfect pair but don't know how to wear it? Well, here are some of my thoughts on what works well with them.

Single coloured bold tops: You can never go wrong with a simple, single coloured top. But for more oomph, try contrasting your floral pants with a top in a bold, summery colour.

Muted/Monochrome patterns: If you are a beginner at loud pants but love a bit of mix-and-match, then might I suggest adding muted patterned tops (e.g. striped jackets, patterned tops in muted colours..)

Mixing florals: Definitely not for the faint-hearted, floral-on-floral action has to be pursued with a keen eye. Identify + match the base colours of your floral pieces or match your pieces by choosing colour palettes that work well together.

Whatever your style, just add a huge splash of confidence and you'll pull it off well!

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